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Are you an IT company owner? Do you want to scale your business?
We fully understand the challenges entrepreneurs have to face when scaling. A professional business consultant will help you successfully overcome the obstacles on your way.

When is the right time to take a fresh look at your business?

Market fit and future profitability directly depend on the way entrepreneurs design and plan their product. Without a sensible and thoughtful features prioritization, entrepreneurs risk narrowing their targeted audience considerably. Investment in professional product design will pay off with satisfied customers in the nearest future.

Inaccurate Product Design

In case your satnav broke or gave you the wrong direction, would you get to your destination? Most definitely, you won't. This is what happens to a business with a faulty plan — it doesn't reach its position on the market. Try to avoid 'driving back' by optimizing your business strategy with our consultants.
Ineffective communication flows, "bottleneck" issue, poor task management — these all bring companies to efficiency decrease, KPIs drop, no company development, and even bankruptcy. All internal processes should be adequately managed unlit they are automated to grow the business big and agile.

Poor Operations Management

Inefficient Strategy & Planning

The impact of inefficient tools and strategy implementation will considerably outweigh the short-term investment in business consultation. And the balance will not be on your side. Let's see what failures bring companies to closure unless the owners immediately consider getting some professional help.
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Hey! We are 'Neon Pilots' - a team of experts. Get a free consultation on business development!
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Our Services

We provide the following packages:

Product Design
Strategy & Planning
• Proof-of-Concept We adopt your ideas, vision, and needs to the product, so it satisfies the market and forms a strong value proposition.
• Concept Design
We create a thoroughly targeted product for businesses and enterprises; conceptualize and evaluate your vision and get involved with ideas implementation.
• Market analysis
We discover the market's underwater stones, pains, competition, and trends to make sure we avoid hitting them at the execution stage.
Operational Management
• Budgeting
Following the strategy frameworks, we plan human and financial resources to meet your expectations as well as business goals in the most efficient way.
• Strategy development
We work on a plan that will help you use the full potential of your business and expand into adjacencies using a repeatable model. It will allow you to expand in other markets.
Digital strategy
We use a unique approach that combines near-term and high-impact initiatives with a bold vision on how your company will compete in the circumstances of a modern market.
Business structure
We ensure functioning between separate entities without operational and financial loads.
To exclude bottlenecks and double-spending while scaling, we build an efficient operational model.
Processes automation
We set the flows between different departments in the planning, operational, execution, and decision-making stages.
How We Work
1. Initial Meeting
2. Scoping
3. Budgeting
4. Execution
At the appointment, we thoroughly and accurately discuss the aims and perspectives of the project.
This stage presupposes defining the goals for the project and creating an execution plan.
We carefully consider all set up goals and risks to plan expenses, so the client doesn't overspend.
According to the project plan, we execute all tasks within deadlines using methodologies specifically designed for the project.
After the plan execution, we discuss the next steps to achieve higher standards.
5. Release
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