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We will help you eliminate the guesswork out of your project management and provide you with a professional consultant. Using our services, you will get a fresh look at your business and ways of fixing the current issues.

Why Might You Address an IT Consultant?

Plans and expectations are often the hardest ends to make them meet. Even though a business plan has been sensibly drawn up, it is quite possible that the company growth is by far lower than it was expected to be. In this case, the business needs a qualified analysis to spot the issues before they start to scale.

Results Don't Meet Expectations

Continuous errors and system flops tell you that your product needs technical review and optimization. The reasons for the faults could lie in tens of factors starting with wrong technical stack to the poor execution. It is important to remember that your product is a core of the business; its features, operation, and look form customer's experience that directly influence your success.
Aimless communication, technically week employees, quarrels inside the team, lack of speed and transparency — not only these factors impact the company but a product itself. Managers and leaders should pay particular attention to teams formation. Otherwise, product faultiness is inevitable.

Low Team Performance

Poor Technical Realization

When you start your own business from scratch, you get so close with the project that you might not see some issues that can destroy what you've already built. This is why it is essential to be able to take a fresh look at the business to have an external audit.

Eyes Glazed Over

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Hey! We are 'Neon Pilots' - a team of experts. Get a free consultation on business development!
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Our Services

We provide the following packages:

• Technical Architecture Consulting
• Technical Roadmapping
• MVP/Proof of Concept
• In-house Development Team

We give you a full consulting course on architecture

After completing the product architecture, we analyze its perspectives and draw up a roadmap

We create a final prototype of the product based on the feedback of early adopters.

If you don't have a team, we outsource developers with a relevant skill set to implement the architecture.

How We Work
1. Initial Meeting
2. Scoping
3. Budgeting
4. Execution
At the appointment, we thoroughly and accurately discuss the aims and perspectives of the project.
This stage presupposes defining the goals for the project and creating an execution plan.
We carefully consider all set up goals and risks to plan expenses, so the client doesn't overspend.
According to the project plan, we execute all tasks within deadlines using methodologies specifically designed for the project.
After the plan execution, we discuss the next steps to achieve higher standards.
5. Release
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