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Are you building a tech product company? If yes, then you know for sure how demanding the modern IT market is. We understand how thoughtful and well-designed features should be to satisfy customers. This is why Neon Pilot provides clients with professional expertise and analysis to help entrepreneurs reach their highest goals.

Why Do Businesses Need a Product Manager?

Creating a detailed plan for product development is the first step that people in business should take before forming the team. It involves defining the main functionality, features, and aims of the product. Also, a Product Manager is enabled to create step-by-step budgeting and prove that certain functionality is worth investing.

Planning and Budgeting

This part of Product Management includes interaction with the community. More specifically, it concerns analysis of customer needs, deciding which feature would help a customer better, and including those in the plan.
The faster technology develops, the quicker market changes its trends. As we all know, market trends are the deciding point for any product. To satisfy a trend means having a higher probability of being sold out, however, here is where the customer feedback comes. Not only the market standards should be met, but a customer's too. This is why any company needs a product manager to fix it all for you.

Customer Feedback

Features Prioritizing

When a Product Manager has defined the market trends, found the way to implement it the way a customer would like it, figure out the most efficient tech stack for the product, they still have one thing to consider — why would stakeholders be interested in it? The challenge here is to prove that not only the product meets all the requirements, it will also bring profit.


PM takes responsibility for the most fragile parts of the product creation:
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Our Services

We provide the following packages:

Product Planning
& Budgeting
Features Planning
Neon Pilots offers you a consulting course on product planning that includes market research and analysis, defining main goals and perspectives.

• Features definition:
As the main goals are already clear, we draw up a set of features and functionalities that a product needs to have.
• Customer feedback:
The impression of customers is the most accurate test that can take to find out if the product is going to be successful.
•Functionality check:
We run A/B tests to make sure that a product is ready to be launched and function diligently.
We carefully consider the expenses required for the plan execution and draw up a budget that an entrepreneur has to stick to so there is no overspending. We, also, define and set up an efficient communication process with all stakeholders to ensure unhindered cooperation.
By prioritizing the releases, we create a so-called base of the product, which later will be accompanied by additional features to get a customer needs fully satisfied.
Monitoring & Supervision
• Monitoring:
We strive to build a long-term relationship with our clients, and this is why we offer an opportunity to have your product success continuously monitored.
As soon as the product plan is drawn up, the team is formed, and the budget is approved, the client enters the execution stage that presupposes our professional supervision for higher efficiency.
How We Work
1. Initial Meeting
2. Scoping
3. Budgeting
4. Execution
At the appointment, we thoroughly and accurately discuss the aims and perspectives of the project.
This stage presupposes defining the goals for the project and creating an execution plan.
We carefully consider all set up goals and risks to plan expenses, so the client doesn't overspend.
According to the project plan, we execute all tasks within deadlines using methodologies specifically designed for the project.
After the plan execution, we discuss the next steps to achieve higher standards.
5. Release
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