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When business owners mention their product lag behind the plan, the first employee they address is a Project Manager. This is a person who keeps track of everything done on the project, makes sure employees accomplish their tasks faithfully and on time, and take responsibility for the faulty job. The last one mentioned is exactly what we avoid in our project management practices.

Why Project Management Matters?

The bottleneck is a widespread issue for managers who are not able to delegate and prioritize tasks. It brings companies to underperformance and project delays that can result in profit losses. Here in Neon Pilots, we avoid the bottleneck appearance by automating task delegation and setting up an effective communication model.


Underperforming can be caused by tens of reasons: unclear goals and objectives, talent deficiency, ineffective communication, etc. This is a job for a Project Manager to set it all up and avoid repeating in the future. We believe that an experienced PM is key to success and agility.
People's characters are extremely diverse. This is why working in a team of ten or more people can get more laborious than it seems. Project Manager has to build a communication model that fits all the team members and keep them comfortable at work. In any case, setting up the processes inside the team requires a hand of a professional.

Ineffective Communication

Low Performance

Releasing features or projects not in time is the consequence of all the issues mentioned above. Although these problems are quite common, Project Management Consulting is a service that will help you prevent their appearance.


Good PMs motivate teams to do better than they did yesterday. Professional PMs avoid the following:
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Our Services

We provide the following packages:

•Scrum Implementation:
We help our clients adopt agility in daily communication and projects delivery with the help of Scrum practices.
Communication Channels Set Up:
Communication is the core of efficient performance. This is why we strive to teach teams how to be concise and effective in their business correspondence.
Agile Coaching:
We facilitate agility by teaching teams an organizational culture that will help them achieve goals without spending much time on bureaucratic and wasteful communication flows.
•Performance Monitoring:
Despite the services above, we offer continuous support and teams' performance monitoring to make sure that the processes we have set up work well.
Development Process Set Up:
Following the plan, we prioritize the goals and create a pool for tasks that need to be accomplished in the defined dates.
How We Work
1. Initial Meeting
2. Scoping
3. Budgeting
4. Execution
At the appointment, we thoroughly and accurately discuss the aims and perspectives of the project.
This stage presupposes defining the goals for the project and creating an execution plan.
We carefully consider all set up goals and risks to plan expenses, so the client doesn't overspend.
According to the project plan, we execute all tasks within deadlines using methodologies specifically designed for the project.
After the plan execution, we discuss the next steps to achieve higher standards.
5. Release
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